T-O-L-I-S started back in 2011 as a beachwear brand (it was called Tolis Bitchwear) and specialized in swimwear for both men and women.


At that time,  fun together with 80's nostalgia and bright colors was the successful recipee...combined with support of smart and witty videoclips for promotion and an online book called BITCHLIFE !


Over the years the brand evolved to general outwear and now consists of theme collections such as : ATLAS, COLOR BY NUMBERS, DIGITAL NUMBERS, NENEH CHERRY  and very soon a variation of accessories, bags and a brand new concept called  "Cassette" !


Atlas became the flagship collection of the brand and launched at Patricia Field 's store in Nyc on June 2014, sold out before summer sale and thus became best seller of the year !


T-O-L-I-S is now ready to take over the world atlas for 2015.  Please be patient and very soon you ll be conquered by a blast of color, fantasy and a constant fun mood...at a store near YOU !